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Year 13 Day 164 5:32
Hello there. Since yesterday i try to get on board so to speak. I filled in a name and it said: Waiting aproval.

Does that normally takes days?

Year 13 Day 164 6:20
Accounts usually take a few hours to be accepted. If you handle has not been accepted in that time, then its likely its been rejected and you should submit a new name.


Year 13 Day 164 7:40
Why does it still stay waiting aproval lord Aubec? And why not send a message to applying new members that the name is rejected? Not everyone will take the time to keep looking at the emailbox and the registering page?

Year 13 Day 164 8:19
Unless you have a name, you can't access the DM service (at least, that is mah understandination)

If it still says it's waiting approval, it means no-one on the team has had the time to double check it yet

You have done pretty much all you can do: posting in here, now all you can do is wait (the usual framework {and will probably have a hairy nugget coming in shortly telling the whole combine ah should stop posting} is it takes upto 24 hours to get looked at, if you have heard nothing after that time, check your email spamcan, if still nothing after 36 then to make a post and/or make a Support ticket)

Year 13 Day 164 18:52
Unfortunately, when a name is rejected you get an event. But since you haven't had a character yet you cannot access events. Its been made aware of to the devs and hopefully it will be fixed in some manner so that new players can tell if their handle has been rejected.

Since there are no handles awaiting, as I said before make a new one as the one you used was obviously incorrect for whatever reason.