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Year 13 Day 169 14:43
I have read a few posts about R&D, and that only through a DC can mods be made. But the question I need to be ansewered is this: With all these stock piled rares in players collections, there will be no way for a DC to be made for them?

Would it be possible for a new ship faction to opt for a "rare" Package of pervious CP ships? Example a new ship faction could have 1 cap, 3 freighters and 1 fighter, or a mix. Just wondering about the second part.


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Year 13 Day 169 17:40
R&D will be a tech tree, so they could have the ex-CP ships if they work their way to those ships in the tree. Factions won't just be given DCs for ex-CP ships. SO all the rare ships now, will all be R&Dable, so likely they won't remain rare for that long.


Year 13 Day 170 8:43
Tanez Kalrade
Tanez Kalrade
so for factions that don't have any DCs, is it possible that they start out finding a DC, then moving upward?

Year 13 Day 170 13:51
THere will be a system by which all non-DC factions (except governments) will be able to start R&D at some point within the tree.

Year 13 Day 170 17:33
Last I checked there was an intention to give factions a set of generic DCs for them to start from. Though when I propsed several back a year or so Veynom stated that these generic DCs would not be producable - by the time R&D is released that might change though.