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Archives » I have a suggestion for the admins of SWC
I have a question that needs addressing. Firstly, I would like to ask if there is a In Character database with info on planets in-game, and factions and such. Allow me to elaborate. I would like to know if there is a database section of the Combine that gives info about general things. For example, let's say I wanted to travel to another sector in-game, but I wanted to do research about the factions and planets there, so if I'm unfamiliar with the sector, I can get info. If there is not, I bring this up as a Suggestion.

As stated above, I would like to make a suggestion. There should be a section of the Combine in the Technical Menu under the section "In Character" that is a Galactic Database containing information about everything in our Combine world. Now I understand this would be difficult as there's so much info out there to be known about every single planet and sector, but just general information like what sort of creatures would spawn there, or what factions have had affiliation with that planet. This could prove useful for characters heading to wherever to do research beforehand if they're on a diplomatic mission of some sort. They could research just history of the planet and problems, conflicts, factions affiliated, or past articles from the GNS involving that particular planet. This way the diplomat or soldier or whoever could produce possible moves or solutions based on the info provided, whatever moves would fit their needs or their factions given orders. If there is any possible way this could be done, it would be a valuable asset in my gameplay and other wise character's gameplay. Factions could also give their soldiers mission briefing according to this info. Reply here.

The galaxy map and its associated search function is the best way to acquire information about planets/systems/sectors (descriptions, who governs what, etc). From there you'd need to look up the factions manually on the faction list for more information about them, although a case could be made for simply linking the faction name to their entry on the faction list, straight from the galaxy map pages.

A galactic database from an IC perspective exists in the form of the Holocron, which is our player-edited Wiki and a constant work in progress. Anything on any IC topic can be added to it (planet information, faction history, GNS archives, character profiles, details of battles or conflicts, etc), but it's still a relatively new project so it needs plenty more data still added to it. Beyond that, the rules pages list all of the factual OOC information about the game and gameplay that the devs choose to provide, so it may just come down to specifically what information you seek.



Thanks, I will make use of that.