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Archives » Hypering out of Sectors on map?
Year 13 Day 182 11:17
Jacen Bae`le
Jacen Bae`le
I have a ship that is in Sector N/a , system N/A. coords are -311, -199

Over in the bottom left hand quadrant. Is it possible to hyper there to retreive, or would I need to get an admin to move it slightly closer into the known galaxy?



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Year 13 Day 182 11:26
Yes, you can hyper there, just have to put it in manually.
under sector [selection] box
[-311]x [-199]Y is what you would enter then hit go!


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Year 13 Day 182 11:36
Jacen Bae`le
Jacen Bae`le
Thanks. I know how to hyper manually :P but I was more concerned about the coding aspect, whether or not it might have been broken due to gal 2.0 or removed due to being "the unknown regions."



9 out of 10 fully written posts are never posted because, I am too lazy to hit the post button.
Year 13 Day 182 11:58
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
It's just space like any other piece of space..

Year 13 Day 182 17:36
THe only time you have to worry is if the co-ords are beyond 500 (ie 501,501). The galaxy stretches from -500 to 500 in both directions.


Year 13 Day 214 13:53
Jichyeo Michyeo
Jichyeo Michyeo
and what;s the risk in hypering out of sectors on the map? i;m curious and can;d find the answer


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Year 13 Day 214 13:55
You're subject to the admins choices on whether to move you back into the known galaxy or not! ;)


Year 13 Day 214 19:36
There should not be any risk as long as you hyper anywhere between (-500, -500) and (500, 500). There should be no possible system where simply entering would subject you to danger. However, there could be a system (such as (0, 0)), where there are many black holes in the system, and moving from the entrance point could subject you to the danger of being killed.

It should be impossible to hyper outside of the galaxy. Any method that allows you to do so is a bug and you'll have to get the admins to move you back into the galaxy.