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Archives » How do you make a rotating sig.
Year 13 Day 191 16:29
Mainly curiousity

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Year 13 Day 191 18:30
Its a php script, or at least mine. You need to have your own host that can upload text files though, not sure if photobucket and such can do it. There are also websites that do rotating avatars and sigs, but can't recall any.


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Year 13 Day 191 20:35
Animated GIF is an option

Year 13 Day 193 9:31
An incredibly bad option.

Find a friend with a hosting account and get the script from Google.

Year 13 Day 194 19:05
Animated gif + embedded midi imo. >.>

My avatar, and my sig when I have more than one I feel like using, is a perl script hosted on my domain. But there are sites you can google that will host randomized images for you. People have used 'em in the past. Photobucket and similar image hosting services generally do not, though.

Year 13 Day 194 20:53
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka

That's what I use when I feel the need. They do both sigs and avatars if I remember.


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Year 13 Day 201 14:37
Yes, very helpful to change the topic name so that all former replies are pretty much useless.

How do you find a system?
pick a random number and jump there.


Year 13 Day 201 15:18
Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
Wow this is a wierd one? Why edit the entire question?


Year 13 Day 201 16:18
I used to mildly accidently kind of spam. (I closed my threads though) And its made me edit ever since.



Want to actually win at gambling?
Year 13 Day 201 17:48
In the questions forum, you should never change the original question, or topic name or delete it. Others might have similar questions and saves them asking and waiting for an answer.