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Year 13 Day 192 4:56
Loftano Drak
Loftano Drak
Wanted to raise a question about the ability to split piles from inventory.

what are the bounds for this feature to be employed? More specifically, are piles allowed to be split in any place regardless to wherein its located?

Because I'd like to see some sort of control where only you can split materials within entities that you have access to through either ownership, factions, crew list, commander, etc. I don't want to go to my dead jobs warehouse and find 20,000 piles have been created, if you get the idea.

Year 13 Day 192 6:19
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
if you dont want to find lots of different piles then dont split them... (i may have mis-understood that point of your question)

But you would be able split any pile you own or if you have the faction privi to split them, (like at the moment where you can merge 2 piles in inventory if they are in the same location, weather you have access to the facility or not.)

Edited By: Chancy Mandu on Year 13 Day 192 6:20
Year 13 Day 192 7:24
No, I think he's saying that someone would be spiteful if they had docked materials in your warehouse and just split it into individual units to mess with the warehouse owner.


Year 13 Day 192 7:39
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
oh right.

yeah, if it is there materials/ they have the privi to do it and are jerks then yeah they could do that.