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Year 7 Day 74 1:58
I would like to volunteer for doing some writing work. I am an excellent at spelling and my typing isn't half bad either. ;) I have some spare time on my hands and am willing to help in any way possible. I will also be polishing up on my programming skills, learning the differences betweeen C (which I am familiar with) and Php/MySQL. I can submit an example of a C script I created to customize a behavior for a custom creature I created for the Neverwinter Nights Roleplaying PC Game upon request. You can reach me either through Darkness, or at my holomail email address.(MaxBeed@holomail.com)


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Year 7 Day 74 7:49
hmm, could you write up descriptions for a few ships/vehicles that are currently missing them?

How familiar are you with C? How long have you worked with it?

Send the example to devleaders@swcombine.com please.


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Year 7 Day 74 8:04
Sure thing. Can you send a list of the ones that need finished and I'll get started right away? You can send to my holomail account. MaxBeed@holomail.com.


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Year 7 Day 74 8:10
I've been doing scripting for the Neverwinter Nights game off and on for about 3 years. My proudest one is the one I'm sending. It's a mimic. Just a basic treasure chest creature that I added humanoid animations to, so that it will now move. The scripting for it is for the actual natural glue that the creature exudes, which makes any weapon stick to it, as well as the behavior to make it appear like a normal chest until someone tries to open/pick it.


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Year 7 Day 75 21:22
Have a look through the ships and see which are missing descriptions (click name/image to get to the detailed view). http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/ships/index.php?page=1

Received your code. Do you have any PHP/mySQL examples?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 75 22:09
No, I don't. I haven't had the chance to learn php yet. NWN has a MySQL setup for the persistent world system, haven't tried that yet. I was kind of waiting for NWN2 to come out and see what I can do with it then.


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Year 7 Day 76 0:40
Here are the missing fighter descriptions. Hope they will work. :)


Considered to be the workhorse of the Rebel Alliance, the
Y-Wing is not as fast or as maneuverable as other snub
fighters. The shields and weaponry installed more than make up
for the other design flaws. A socket on top allows an astromech
to plug-in and handle most ship routines, allowing the pilot to
concentrate on flying, attacking, or evading other ships.

ARC-170 Aggressive Recon Fighter

A bulky ship, the ARC-170 is built for combat. Three seats
allow for the division of pilot/co-pilot and wing gunner/ and
tail gunner. A socket for an astromech allows for onboard
repairs. This ship was widely used during the Clone Wars by
clone troopers.

Cygnus Gunboat

Designed for use against enemy convoys and craft, the Cygnus
Gunboat is a formidable and deadly ship. The first Imperial
starfighter designed with shields and a hyperdrive, its unique
five wing design allows it to be equally at home in the air or in space.
Imperial Star Destroyers often carry 5 of these ships in their
hangar bays for reconnaissance and use these ships in concert
with an assault shuttle of Stormtroopers for invasions. The
wings fold upward upon landing like the Lambda-class shuttles.

Byblos G-1A

Although not a heavily armed craft, the Byblos G-1A is well shielded and fast. The cockpit is designed to hold different atmospheres, making it ideal for non-oxygen breathing species. A modified version of this ship is often used by bounty hunters.

N-1 Starfighter

The shape of this craft embodies the Naboo love of elegance. Created for planetary defense, this ship is fragile with little in the way of shielding. This lightweight fighter can be agile and precise, due to the customized design of the engines. A droid socket lies directly behind the pilots canopy with under-belly loading of the R2 unit. The R2 unit assists with navigation, flight performance, and limited repair capabilities.

H-KDI- T-Wing

The design of the T-Wing makes it an ideal interceptor and good multi role starfighter. An engine on each wing allows this ship to be fast and maneuverable. The relatively low production cost of these ships make them a favorite choice of planetary or system defense fleets as well as smugglers and pirates.

Toscan 8-Q

One of several vessels that led to the design of the Y-Wing, the Toscan 8-Q packs some significant firepower. Although no new ships are being produced, it is popular with pirates, space stations, mercenaries, and other smaller military forces.

Droid Tri-Fighter

Three curved rings around a central droid brain encased in a sphere, give this fighter its name. A heavy laser is mounted on each wing, along with a fourth on the front of the sphere. A concussion missile launcher is mounted underneath the central sphere, giving this small fighter an impressive offensive arsenal. The weapons combined with the small size, incredible speed and maneuverability made this ship a dangerous opponent in space combat. Widely used during the Clone Wars, these ships are not in production to date.

Mankvim 814-Light Interceptor

This small one-person was developed by the Techno Union during the height of the Clone Wars. It was manufactured primarily for planetary defense. Unlike other droid starfighters, the 814 was built to accomodate one B1 series Battle Droid as pilot instead of a dedicated droid brain.

Belbullab 22

This unique starfighter was designed with a stream-lined fuselage and the cockpit mounted at the rear of the craft. The main drive pods are connected to the fuselage by two stubby wings, along with one heavy laser cannon mounted on each. Armored with impervium plating, a rarity during the Clone Wars, given that the Old Republic controlled most sources for clonetrooper armor, makes this a truly rare vessel.

Viper(Note:Not sure if this is the correct description, hardest one to find by far, but it seems similar to the picture posted on the Combine.)

Also known as the StarViper and StarViper-class attack platform. Designed by MandalMotors at the request of Black Sun, this resembles a squat mobile platform ship. Its appearance is misleading as this fighter is powerful, as well as highly maneuverable. The wings handle well in space combat but can hinder the movement in a planetary atmosphere. Forward firing laser canons, an ion canon, and two proton torpedo launchers mean that this ship is well-armed. Due to the squat design, there is limited cargo space available.

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Year 7 Day 76 20:23
Avoid references to canon groups and people.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 7 Day 77 1:20
aye, ran these past Keir and that was his only point with them.


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Year 7 Day 82 18:22
Bump, bump.


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Year 7 Day 82 22:15
Need to remove mention of canon groups/people.


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Year 7 Day 83 17:03
Which references do you mean?


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Year 7 Day 83 19:47
BDI, CIS and the Sepratists spring out at me.


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Year 7 Day 83 22:15
Edited out references to BDY, CIS, and the Separatists.


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Year 7 Day 85 1:58
oki. Prodded the Descriptions lead in this direction.


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Year 7 Day 86 5:36
Found it. I'll jump to it this weekend...

Year 7 Day 134 13:16
Falin Dorn
Falin Dorn
The descriptions are decent, no doubt.

I do, however, protest the suggestion that you write descriptions for every single bloody undescribed ship/vehicle/cheese pizza in the game.

Nothing personal, naturally. The thing is, I don't want 1 person hogging all of the descriptions (and, consequently, CPs) away from the other players who might be decent writers.

I was under the impression that we desperately needed coders. Descriptions aren't nearly as high of a priority as, oh, say, combat.

But, if things don't work out with the...coding team? Then come talk to me again. And you're free to submit descriptions through the recommended and official channels (descriptions@swcombine.com).

By the way, Myl relinquished leadership of descriptions back to me, so no, I'm not an impostor. :P

Year 7 Day 136 21:17
For the record, I did submit these through officials channels. I sent them to that email address, back nearly 2 months ago, but had not received any kind of reply, possibly due to the change between you and Myl Lorian and then back. (PS: I actually was less worried about the CP's than the fact that the descriptions were up to standard. :)

I have no problem with holding off any future descriptions. :)
Also, I have no had any experience with any php or SQL coding, although I do have experience with C . I have not receieved any official word on whether that is good enough to help or not though. I am fairly decent with writing formulae and do pick up programming fairly quickly.

If my exuberence can be a little annoying, I apologize. I'm merely wishing to help in any way possible to improve the Combine. (I really enjoy this game and wish I had found it last year!)


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