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Year 13 Day 196 8:15
how do you make costome art?
What do you need?

Year 13 Day 196 8:42
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
To make Costumes you will need some cloth, plastic PVC if you are making armor, a sewing machine, and prob some other textiles. To learn I recommend a Home Economics course at your school.

To make customs you need a photo manipulation program like Photoshop, but instinct tells me you don't have the 300+ dollars to pay for the software so you will probably want to get GIMP found Here . Then after you get that read the manual and learn what layers, filters, channels, layer modes are. Then it is all on experimentation. And if you have money get Photoshop and a WACOM and learn with that.

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Year 13 Day 196 9:11
Grit, spit, and a whole lot of duct tape.

If you aren't a penguin, there is plenty of other ways for doing custom art. Here are a few, from the easier to the hardest:

- Re-using an image you like
Material needed: One of the pictures editing software aforementionned.
Just find an image you like, and carefully paint the background in black. Then, re-size it so its size is between 400x300 and 600x600.

- Repaint
Material needed: One of the pictures editing software aforementionned.
It is exactly like re-using an image, but this time you re-paint it to your favourite colour. You will this time need to learn correctly how the layers, filters, channels, layer modes are working, otherwise the image will not look good at all.

- Create a 3d model of the item or ship you wish to customize
Material needed: 3D modelling software, like 3ds Max (expensive), Google Sketchup (Free!) or Blender (Free!)
This time, you will directly create a 3D model of the item you wish to customize, then you will take a snapshot of your 3D model, and use it as a custom image. It requires a lot of time and efforts, unless you are a worthless Poser/Daz user.

Oh, and, of course, do not hesitate to visit the Art Team public forums! it contains a lot of useful informations, including links to tutorials about how to do amazing customs. That's where I learned to do 3d modelling, to be honnest.

Have a nice day!