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Year 13 Day 196 18:58
i need a planet to build on.

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Cadeus Iram
Cadeus Iram
I'm nominating this one for question of the year.

And I'm gonna let someone else tell him cause I don't even know how to answer this

There are several uncontrolled planets that are in hidden systems that get added over time. Once someone enters one of these systems they have 3 days before it becomes viewable to all. Planets cannot be controlled in that time (the buildings to get enough population to control take longer than 3 days), and so will be classified as uncontrolled.

However, though you can build there, generally a faction has already setup slabs to put a shield network there to stop others coming in later, so though you may be able to get a city, its entirely possible that you will become locked in/out at some stage int he future.


You'll be less disappointed if you just tell yourself that there are none.

Year 13 Day 201 20:35
Nice answer Von guy.


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