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Archives » Hi! I've been playing the 'bine for years, but...
how the hell do you work the new CP image exchange?! You used to just add URLs and what not- now it's all kinds of ka-blooie...

Am I missing something? Who can point me in the right direction?

Trolls are gonna have a field day, but I really want these images =^)


Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Its pretty self explanatory. You first have to select New from the drop down, then select the entity type. Select yourself and then private. Upload the large and small in the appropriate boxes. Then hit submit. Then you wait. Once the images have been accepted you go back to the exchange page. Select personal, enter the entity ID, and select the type and hit submit. You will be given a list of images you own. Select what images you want on the entity and submit again.

EDIT: We also had a Sim News explaining in detail on how to use the system, but I have come to the conclusion people cant read or refuse to read the Sim News bc we still have people trying to submit Custom NPCs and Items *Shakes Head*

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 13 Day 199 16:33

This has been most helpful... totally missed the SIM posting (pretty good at reading those for the record). I'll give that all a shot. =^) I'll look for that posting-> like to see the reasons for all the new steps out of curiosity.
Thanks Kendall!

Can't believe I wasn't flamed, trolled, or the target of sarcasm... not even a facepalm! Mazer escapes unscathed!


Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Well it is because of abuse .... its one of those things where the abuse got so bad we decided to change the system.


No offense to you Kendall but when you need a paragraph to explain how something works it's not very 'self-explanatory.' :P



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Its so simple my technophobic mother could do it:

1. Select 'New' and choose Entity Class/Type
2. Select images by clicking the shiny buttons
3. Click shiny button called "Submit"
4. Wait for approval (not really a step)
5. Select 'Personal' and choose Entity Class
6. Insert ID Number
7. Click shiny button called "Submit"
8. Choose custom images with awesome shiny buttons
9. Click shiny button called "Submit"
10. Pat yourself on the back


No offense to you Kendall but when you need a paragraph to explain how something works it's not very 'self-explanatory.' :P 

The number of steps involved to undertake a task has no bearing on the ease of completion of said task.


The number of steps isn't the issue! It's how you navigate those steps that's the real problem!


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