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Archives » Environmental Damage Question
Year 13 Day 201 17:18
"Environmental damage is taken on your current HP every 24 Hours."

Do you only take Environmental damage once per day (e.g. once per day you'll suffer the 30% HP loss from being on a Hot No Atmos planet) or, once per day will it apply all damage (e.g. if you spent 2 hours on a Hot No Atmos planet, you'll be hit with a 60% reduction at a single time)?

Year 13 Day 201 17:45
Not sure when the timers go, but either you spend 24h outside then it hits you with the damage, or it hits you at 17:00 with full damage. You won't get partial damage if you leave before the counter hits 0.


Year 13 Day 201 18:39
If you're standing outside at 17:00, you'll be damaged. If you're standing outside from 17:01 to 16:59, then go back inside quickly, you will be entirely undamaged.

Year 13 Day 201 20:43
So at 17:00 you will be hit with the full damage that has accrued over a 24H period. Otherwise, you will have zero damage?

Year 13 Day 201 22:11
Yes. So if you just hopped out at 16:59, you will take the full damage, even though you've only been outside for a minute, and if you hop back inside at that point, you won't take any damage.


Year 13 Day 202 9:24
Yay timers!


Year 13 Day 202 15:34
Great. Thanks for the answers gentlemen.

Year 13 Day 204 14:20
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
Is this 17:00 SWC time?


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Year 13 Day 204 17:33
Of course - why would any other time me used?


Year 13 Day 205 0:16
Deleted Post
Ottomar von Ismay
Deleted by Ottomar von Ismay. Reason: unnecessary
Year 13 Day 205 4:20
Yes, same time as natural health regen runs.



Year 13 Day 211 14:44
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
Environmental Damage needs to be changed to every time you step outside without the correct equipment, you personally take damage.

Look how long it took to code (have no idea but i can guess lol) & only damage is done at 17:00 each day 0_0

Can be changed later i guess

Year 13 Day 211 15:20
Any suggestions go to the suggestions forum.


Year 13 Day 211 17:23
It was per hour, but changed afterwards. I suspect it might have something to do with newbies walking out of the starting city and not being able to return before the atmo damage killed them off - takes days to cross terrain on foot.