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Year 13 Day 202 12:10
Danvid Noe
Danvid Noe
So, this is a long story, but im gonna cut it short.
I am on my new account, after i gave up on my old one 6 months ago. Its handle was daviranoe@live.com I ask you to delete it from your database.. it was only lvl 1 and i couldnt figure anything out. My new account is what im posting off of right now, danvid23@hotmail.com Thanks in advance, Danvid

Edited By: Danvid Noe on Year 13 Day 202 12:10
Year 13 Day 202 12:12
Danvid Noe
Danvid Noe
Also: Cant figure out how to change forum name atm, but i can provide password to daviranoe@live.com to verify i own it.

Year 13 Day 202 12:27
Click on the Contact Support link on the right of the page, and file a support ticket.

Though, be warned, since level 1 accounts auto-delete after 9 months of inactivity, and because you can drop your old character at any time, you likely will not be allowed to just create a new account and delete your old one.

Year 13 Day 202 12:29
Danvid Noe
Danvid Noe
Crap.. its already to late. But, i sent in a ticket, and i couldnt find the ticket number...

Year 13 Day 202 15:28
Danvid Noe
Danvid Noe
Sent in support ticket.. hope admin gets it.

Year 13 Day 202 17:54
Forum name is the same as your login name same as your character handle - its what is used to identify you, so you cannot change your forum name.


Year 13 Day 202 18:04
Danvid Noe
Danvid Noe
Ok, i just realized this.