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Archives » Portable Power Generators ??
Year 13 Day 206 21:48
I hope this isn't a silly question... 'gulp' Is there any plans to implement Portable Fission/Fusion Generators any time soon? or any other non-implemented items for that matter??

Year 13 Day 206 22:55
The power gens are used in crafting, at least for focusing crystals.


Year 13 Day 206 23:24
I didn't know that! So really they're partially implemented.
If I needed to power a facility and didn't have a PG or couldn't get a build permission to build one I assume one day I'd be able to use one of these Portable versions at either +3 or +5 power.
What I'd really like to know is if this is likely to be possible any time soon?

Year 13 Day 207 8:02
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Everything is Soon(TM) we dont know approximates bc we dont really Schedual anything they basically Faux Randomly pick things to implement


Year 13 Day 207 8:50
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller
Even when/if that is implemented it's unlikely those items will truly be able to replace power generators on a permanent basis or they'd end up being used instead of power generators to optimise city designs for things such as tax even further than is already possible. It would also eliminate the ability for ground forces to cut a cities power thus making ground combat less useful when we will probably be trying to achieve the opposite effect.

Year 13 Day 207 13:36
I suppose you're right Nathan. I expect they'll be a timer attached to them. That way they would still be useful in varied situations without offering an option to abuse the dynamics of the game.

Good answers. I wasn't expecting 'an answer' but now I understand it could happen, maybe tomorrow! Like an earthquake!

Year 13 Day 207 17:57
That seems like a good idea for the recently-announced (see Sim News) initiative to give items in-game feature uses.

Year 13 Day 207 22:34
Backup Power for Planetary Weapons... so that there's time for the owner of said weapons to attempt to retake the Power Gens before getting their facilities blown to pieces.