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Year 13 Day 208 20:48
I accidentally hit droid repackage on my iPad because the buttons are tiny and my droid vanished. What happened? Is there a way to get it back, or it moved or what? A confirmation for things like that would be great!


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Year 13 Day 208 21:03
I believe the droid was packed into a crate... which would show up in items inventory, have no droids so can't say for certain but that's what I got out of the term repackage when the feature was announced.


Year 13 Day 208 21:18
repackaging droids packs them into crates, that is correct

Year 13 Day 209 9:37
Can it be gotten back out?


Signature courtesy of Ellias Aubec.
Year 13 Day 209 10:57
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Kendall Holm
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Year 13 Day 209 12:17
Kendall, please don't be blatantly unhelpful in the questions forum. You have an entire Art section to troll.

Yes, Xiann, you can remove them again. Simply find the crate and take a droid out of it. It should be the big button beside the crate.

Year 13 Day 209 19:11
The crate should be in the room where the droid was. Just go to the Equipment page and press the button next to it.

Be aware that any custom images that were applied will be removed.


Year 13 Day 213 3:25
Dose the removal of custom images from re-packaged droids include faction images applied during production?


Year 13 Day 213 8:17
I would say that would depend. If you're packaging the droid back into the original production container, then I believe it would keep the custom image when you unpack it again (since it is my understanding that the custom image is stored on the crate). However, if you were just to package it separately, then it would lose the image.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Year 13 Day 213 8:40
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
I do believe they lose the custom due to the objects getting erased. From what I am in the understanding when you crate up something the server deletes it from the database, meaning everything is lost and when you unpack it, it gets new everything including IDs. In essence it is a new item altogether