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Year 7 Day 74 19:38
Nafro Coto
Nafro Coto
Could someone please tell me how much increment of income does one point of trading gives to you? 5%? 10%? (say an avarage income facility in an avarage planet)

Year 7 Day 74 23:53
Dan Neo
Dan Neo

Partially implemented from what is cited on the page.

Ability to barter with NPCs. A character with Trading can reduce the amount he pays for goods from NPCs and increase the price for goods he sells to NPCs. For each point devoted to this skill, a character receives a 5% bonus on market prices. Trading is also useful in running businesses to maximum profit and minimise losses.
Used to determine whether an attempted arrest is successfully negotiated. 

I haven't heard about it increasing your income from income generating facilities. Unless this is seen as "running businesses" as cited in the trading rules.

Facility Income Rules:

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Year 7 Day 75 19:30
Raith Endac
Raith Endac
It does in fact increase your income, according to the formula its a 5% increase. (1/20)