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Year 13 Day 218 14:52
How do you send a faction join request?

Year 13 Day 218 17:33
Click on the [Faction] link on the sidebar, just above the inventory section. From there, select the [Join a Faction] link near the top of the page. Then just choose the faction you wish to join, and click the button.


Year 13 Day 254 13:34
Theth Belui
Theth Belui
Among the Star Wars Combine 08 day this month, but still did not understand the game. What I have to do to start playing. For now I'm filling a multitude of questions and I'm not finding the game itself. I asked one of the factions, but not replied. I think this game is anyway. Nobody seems to be willing to help.

Year 13 Day 254 13:50
FIrst you should join a faction, and it will likely take a few days for the faction to either pick you up or get you to their base. From there they should teach you how to play.

Year 13 Day 256 16:35
Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
You are gonna have to be calm. Despite what you think every faction will have recruitment liaisons to help and advise. :)

But we also have a real life and need the odd day off from time to time.

Try the 'Live Chat' button up there in the top right. And communicate. Dont be afraid to ask questions.

Good luck.


Year 13 Day 257 10:40
I would suggest that if someone does not contact you from a Faction Request within 2 days, move on to another one that will. If they can't reply within that amount of time, just think what it will be like going forward.