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Year 7 Day 77 22:26
Coop Starkirian
Coop Starkirian
I love combine. I've been playing for awhile and think this thing could go somewhere HUGE. I get on everynight and you can contact me at the following locations:

Army.com Email account
and aim: TheCoop89


Vbscript (Very Expansive Knowledge)
Jscript (Some Knowledge)
HTML (Very Expansive Knowledge)

I'm no artist, so my examples aren't great in that department, but i do have examples.

Year 7 Day 77 22:49
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
The combine primarily uses php do you happen to have any experience in that? Or willing to learn it?

Year 7 Day 78 21:50

Be delighted to learn. I have a basic knowledge of PHP so if someone wants to help me learn the texhniques i'll need then sure. Be happy to learn. I'm a quick learner so it shouldn't take long.

Year 7 Day 80 2:27
Coop Starkirian
Coop Starkirian
just in case you're wondering. The above post was by me, i hadn't logged in yet.

Year 7 Day 81 1:12
At the moment we're not really set up for teaching people PHP/mySQL from scratch. We're working towards an intro guide with tutorials, tips, resources and suggestions for projects to attempt that will give you a good start. Until then my suggestion would be to try and write a basic forum (if you have a bit of experience in PHP, not if you're just starting out).


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 86 18:14
Coop Starkirian
Coop Starkirian
okay, thank you.

Year 7 Day 136 19:09

Hello, im a new player, i hope to be under the name of Jude McGuire soon, and i woould like to help. I read somewhere on the site that you want people that have a good knowledge of Star Wars, and if thats true, just contact me at my main e-mail, Gamer_Jude@hotmail.com
Its not the e-mail i used to create my character, but thats because thats my old one i still use. And again, i hope i can help you with my knowledge.