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Year 7 Day 79 16:15

MSn.cpom tag is payed you cannot get this without isp. If your a non Isp signupp its as your net passport. Plz fix this.

Year 7 Day 79 19:34
It is possible to get a free e-mail with a passport and there are many users who have one - however, if you use MSN as your ISP you should be able to register with it.



Year 7 Day 79 21:41

If you sign up with msn for free you get an adress they host msns free acounts cus of the net pasport system.

Year 7 Day 79 22:10
Rika Lawson
Rika Lawson
Last time I checked you could still get for free... Maybe they've changed that, but considering it's MS I wouldn't bet on it

Year 7 Day 80 10:59

They changed theyre system to net pasport. Now your email edress is all hosted by hotmail unless you get msn isp.

Year 7 Day 90 13:48

Wow not many people like to help here.

Year 7 Day 90 17:17
There are plenty of people with e-mails who did not pay for them, so your assertion is invalid. You have no way of proving you paid for it, so it is unuseable.

There is no way any of us can "help" you with this. Your problem was explained. It's not our fault if you don't like it.


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Year 7 Day 111 2:15
Tycho Celchu
Tycho Celchu
Proof of free email address:≤=1033

Signed up myself and got with a 25mb acocunt.

Logged out and signed in through hotmail, passport and msn messenger. All work.

All it took was a google search of "free msn email address" and it was in the top 10 links shown.

So, even if you pay for it, is free, and since there is no possible way to show whether yours is free or not, should definitely remain on the list of email addresses not available to sign up with.