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Archives » Why dont u accept free email addresses

I am woundering why u dont accept free email adresses if u do there would be more people on this game making the experisnce more fun. Me myself have no paid email adress and can not join this i am saden as i am a huge star wars fan and this is the only star wars game i have found on the net so it deeply sadnes me. I hope that u read this and think twice about free email adresses.

Rika Lawson
Rika Lawson
Free emails = easier for people to cheat with making multiple accounts.

Simple reason.

If you have an ISP or school email address you have the right stuff to join.

Apart from that, this question has been asked 100s of times, maybe looking through the board to find the explanation might be a good idea...

Grammar and spelling helps prevent people from skimming over your post and ignoring you.

And if you can't find more Star Wars games you just aren't trying.


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