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Archives » Raw Material Transferring Tutorial
Here's a simple tutorial on how to transfer Raw Materials from one entity to another; I've seen people ask how to do this and of course I was bored so I went ahead and wrote something up.

First off, you need to have the following:

- Assigned as Pilot to the entity containing the Raw Materials
- Access to the Cockpit of the entity containing the Raw Materials
- Either be the Owner of the Raw Materials or have the proper faction privilages assigned to you to move them
- Have an available entity to load the Raw Materials in as well as enough room to fit them inside it. You have to be assigned to it as well

Okay, first off enter the Cockpit of the entity containing the materials then click on the Ship Controls/Vehicle Controls/etc. ( Next, scroll to the bottom of the Controls and look for the lower buttons on the bottom. There should be buttons named "Crewlist" and "Passengers" in the lower-left hand corner and the buttons "Stats", "Ships", "Stations", "Vehicles" and "Materials" in the lower-right hand corner; Click on the "Materials" button. A new set of images and buttons should have appeared to the right of the Passengers list.

There's a few things you can do with these buttons, but I'll just explain how to transfer materials (which to be honest is the only thing I've done with these buttons so far, I merge/split all my materials in the inventory). First off, using the radio buttons on the right-most list; select the entity you want to transfer the materials to (I've noticed you *have* to be assigned to that entity to be able to load things into it, so make sure you're assigned to it as well). Only entities that are in the same location as you can have Raw Materials transfered to it (or in the case of facilities, needs to be adjacent). Finally highlight the Raw Materials you'd like to transfer and press "Load Selected" when you've highlighted everything. Now you're done!

Important Note: Raw Materials are not visible in entities; they are not able to be seen, picked up, or used by a character. The only way to 'see' Raw Materials and their location is to check the "Raw Materials" Inventory or by checking the "Materials" button on a Cockpit Control.

I've never tried to transfer more materials than an entity can hold, so the next part is pure speculation on my part based on what similar features do in this game. Anyone who can confirm or give me the proper answer would be appreciated for this tutorial.

If you accidentally tried to transfer more materials than an entity can hold, I'd assume that the game would then try and load as many piles as it can fit without spitting and give you a message. I also can assume based off this is that is what the "Max >" action is for. I'm guessing that button basically tries and stuff as much of a specific pile as possible to an entity, splitting the pile in the process (obviously).


Yep, Max does just that, transfers Max allowable.