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Year 13 Day 261 21:05
Gort Horth
Gort Horth
There's some question as to whether the Strength HP bonus is a one time deal or if it applies at every level after the skill point is awarded. Can we get an answer on how the strength HP bonus works, and whether it makes any difference if skill pints are used early, or can they be applied later to the same effect?


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Year 13 Day 261 23:04
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
Darn it, Gort, you beat me to it!

What I am particularly interested in is when you apply Strength skill points to an NPC, if they would get the extra bonus hit points at, say, level 5, that they would also have gotten at levels 1-4 if they had been given that Strength bonus earlier.

For example: I add 2 Strength skill points to an NPC at level 1, and he gains a bonus number of hit points based on his Racial multiplier and his total hit points (which have been increased by his Strength) when he levels up at 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

If I had waited until a later level to add those Strength points, would the bonus hit points be applied retroactively to the already-reached levels? So that the two NPCs would have identical hit points at a later level (assuming they had the same Racial modifier and the same strength)?


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Year 13 Day 262 2:26
Uh, the equation is very simple to understand:

HP = round(((5 * Race Multiplier + 10 + (Strength * 10))*2) + ((5 * Race Multiplier* (1 + Strength / 10)) * XP level)

As you can see, strength affects both the starting HP (the first part of the equation) and also affects the HP gained at level up. Not sure how you can misunderstand it really...


Year 13 Day 262 6:14
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
I understand the equation.

What I want to know is, is it retroactive? Meaning, if we add Strength skills, any bonus hp from previous levels are awarded, regardless of when we add the Strength points?

It appears you're saying, yes: a current hp total is reflective of *all* levels gained.

Year 13 Day 262 6:18
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
It is retroactive.

Year 13 Day 262 8:51
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
Thanks, Ten.


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