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Year 14 Day 6 16:35
That likely will not be the case. There's more likely to be "vehicle hull points" than just "Hull points" for that very reason. Otherwise the Ackmin Empire with all 12 of its different factions will just have every member researching and putting the points towards the Super Fish Cruiser MK15.

- "Jefsa"

I am ludicrously happy that you said that Jefsa. This seems like a nice happy median that inserts a bit of extra logistical work to research using the right faction type in order to progress in the desired tree and preserves a bit of the resale/theft value of datapads. I would, however, ask whether non-production factions(e.g. Info Factions, Governments, Religions, Mercs, Bounty Hunters, etc.) would be able to research particular types* of points, and if so, what types?

* i mean the new two-type types e.g. Ship hull, Ship Engine, item electronics, item weapons, etc.

Year 14 Day 6 17:58
Kay, last I heard anyone would be able to research at any time, so long as they have a datapad. I'd presume this would stretch to the different entity type points as well.


Year 14 Day 6 19:48
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
What would happen in the event of someone successfully stealing a DC? I was just reading the 'DC prototype' thread in Suggestions when this occurred to me. Say a new faction got hold of an advanced DC would their tech tree start from the stolen DC, start from scratch plus that DC or would they have everything from the base level up to the level of the stolen DC?


Year 14 Day 6 21:59
Id be interested to see if one area is effected by another.

I.e search for a powerful weapon may take away from engines because of needing more power to keep those weapons going...or something to that effect.

Year 14 Day 7 7:16
Thats part of the whole Variants R&D subtrees, ships eill habve more engines less hull, or +weapons for -shields, etc. ALthough Id like to put that on one of the later releases of R&D, as I find the ability to add new entities far more interesting.

Year 14 Day 8 9:44
@Elias - Good news for those of us out and about all the time for the Datapad-only researching. So what's the function of R&D Stations or Research Centres then? Can they get some sort of bonus to the "production" of R&D Points? Or maybe it'd just be a matter of research done outside a R&D Station/Research Centre is of a *random* type.

I suppose it adds a new Production-type job to faction sitters - now you must also Research!

What would happen in the event of someone successfully stealing a DC? 

I believe it's the Datapads that are up for theft, not DCs (IE you can steal R&D Points, but not the unlocked leaves themselves). So you wouldn't ever get into the situation of stealing the plans for a SSD and then being able to research off of that. As far as I know, ALL research is to be from the ground up, regardless of whatever other DCs your faction already has.

Year 14 Day 8 11:15
Lahasa Fy
Lahasa Fy
there was.... years ago... some belief, I think, that come combat, you COULD eventually steal DC uses somehow. Not so much as a starting point for R&D, but that a sneaky bothan might be able to steal SSD plans and start an SSD of their own in an SY4 somewhere.

No idea if/how this is thought to be implemented, but I'm assuming it'd be post combat for sure.


Year 14 Day 8 11:31
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Yes, currently they don't plan on making datacards steal-able items.

Year 14 Day 12 2:22
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
Has there been any talks of cloaking shields as a variant of the ship/branch being researched?

Would be nice to see a few of them maybe only once every other variant of that ship has been unlocked.


Year 14 Day 21 10:47
Merlin Myk`Chur
Merlin Myk`Chur
Will we be able to R&D old cp ships? Will they be on the ladder?

Year 14 Day 21 18:39


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