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Year 13 Day 307 19:39
Calyxx Zion
Calyxx Zion
Same. This sucks.


Year 13 Day 310 19:24
I found the problem, it is JavaScript. If you toggle it on and off while you are in the cockpit you can actually fly. It is difficult here this is what I did-
go to travel, yeah it goes away. But then go to your settings and turn JavaScript off,
go back to your cockpit hit refresh you're able to travel -
select destination and Hit go- it will then say you can't do this without JavaScript but it actually is going.
Go back to your settings turn JavaScript back on -
go back to your cockpit refresh - everything is working fine.



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Year 13 Day 311 13:41
I just figured this out as well. I found you can turn it off, reload page, turn it on, open and select travel hit go.



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Year 13 Day 311 14:02
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
Good stuff, let me go test it. Damn you IOS 6



Year 13 Day 324 20:17
Loftano Drak
Loftano Drak
So this is currently unresolved? There has been no sync since this raised nearly a month ago?

Year 13 Day 324 20:26
This issue is still unresolved. It turns out that the phone I was using to test this, I hadn't fully updated. =\

Either we will fix this issue or apple will. Sadly, given the way the stupid cockpit is set up, this isn't something that is going to be easy to fix. I will give it the attention it deserves, and hopefully this can be resolved soon, but we shall see...


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Year 13 Day 326 6:05
Joruus Fell
Joruus Fell
I don't know if Zhao has made any changes but I can now use the travel screen like I could with iOS5 - anyone else try it today?

EDIT: Well, it worked once and now it doesn't. :-(

Edited By: Joruus Fell on Year 13 Day 326 9:49
Year 13 Day 328 13:23
Still problematic, - best advice so far - d/l Mini Opera browser, - it displays a second travel window and allows travel normally. It doesnt refresh automatically, but if noone finds a sollution to safari/ios 6 combo....


Kai Arkanian
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Year 14 Day 57 10:27
So I have been able to pilot no problem but I just discovered that the same issue exists when in a mine trying to access materials. It flashes showing the NPC's and then goes blank exactly like it used to with piloting.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Year 14 Day 69 23:58
Chester Riddick
Chester Riddick
I'm using iPhone 5 with latest update and traveling is fine just input coordinates, problem for me is rest of pilot interface: cargo,scan, passengers, stats etc none work only get the blank screen where info should be after clicking. Really hope can be fixed somehow not filing ticket as already in bug base. Just adding what I was missing


Year 14 Day 70 7:07
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Doubt it will be fixed anytime soon as it is not our end its apples, and we are not entire sure how to work around their issues


Year 14 Day 70 12:34
Grom De Ghrul
Grom De Ghrul
Traveling works fine. I notcied you can spam DM, not too good. Also scanner is wacky on IOS 6.1 .


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Year 14 Day 146 9:01
I know this was considered resolved because its an iOS apple problem not swc but just wanted to share some information I found that might be related.

Iframe scrolling info


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