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Archives » I am new here and need help...
Norad Virago
Norad Virago
Hello-like i wrote i am new here.One folk told me for this site but he didint told me it is so complicate.Last two days i have spent treveling around city and trying to enter in other buildings excepting to find something or someone for help.I try to join some factions but no response from them.Where i can buy something,where i can earn some money?Pls help,thx in advantage!


see ya!
Mecho Rykspin
Mecho Rykspin
first it might be a good idea to read the getting started part of the FAQ

to join a faction go to
click on a faction you would want to join and there's supposed to be more info on how to join them

You normally can't enter buildings since most will be set private. There isn't much to do inside them anyway aside from wander around, so you're not missing much there.

Definitely join a faction as soon as you can. I would suggest visiting the factions' websites of those you are trying to join - most have join applications on them, and further instructions. If you follow their instructions rather than just setting your affiliation, they should respond to you in a timely manner. You may also want to visit the Classifieds to see who is offering jobs, or to post your own ad.

Joining a faction is the best way for new players to earn money, and most will give you a ship to use as well.