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Year 13 Day 317 7:46
Hey everybody,
I have tried to order my squads to patrol on a planet and for some reason they are not. I gave them the order as usual, I get the combat event that says they are patrolling but they are not moving and they show up as unused in my inventory. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

Year 13 Day 317 8:01
Lahasa Fy
Lahasa Fy
are you sure they are not moving or patrolling?

My currently patrolling NPCs don't give me any special indication that they are patrolling in my inventory. (unless you check from time to time and see that their position changes).

I'd suggest checking your Party page. Under the squad name, it should tell you their current objective, which should say "patrol"


Year 13 Day 317 8:03
Yes, there it states that they are patrolling.
However, I am at the same location as them and I do not see the little yellow arrows pointing any direction. They tell you if an entity is moving, are they not?

Year 13 Day 317 9:41
I have found this issue in the bug database. Please delete this thread. A quick fix would be most appreciated :).

Year 13 Day 320 0:01
Patrolling is currently "off," and is affecting all patrolling NPCs.

Normally, in your Party screen, not only do you get an indicator of "Current Objective: Patrol" for each squad, but you should also get a red "Traveling" indicator with each and every NPC in this Patrolling squads.

ATM, the Patrolling indicator is there, but not the Traveling indicator.

And as others have noticed, if you're at the location with the patrolling NPCs, you'll see they are not moving (ie: no yellow direction indicators).

I can only hope when the patrol feature is re-implemented, that we don't have to go back and reset them all on patrol, although there's no indication one way or the other. It'd also be nice to get a Sim News mention when the problem is resolved.



Year 13 Day 321 21:38
Shobba Pau
Shobba Pau
While were on the subject...

Will patrolling npc's engage bandits or creatures if they are encountered?


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Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 321 23:02
At the moment, no. Squads are not yet implemented in combat.


Year 13 Day 327 19:45
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
Will squads that were set to patrol but have since ceased being patrolled be returned to patrolling or will I have to travel to reset their patrol route?

Year 13 Day 328 19:43
That's a great question, Akela.

My hope is that since we who set troops patrolling still have the "Patrolling" command in place for each of the so assigned squads, that when this feature is turned back on, the command will already be in effect, and they'll just start walking again. But it may be that even the devs themselves won't know until it's relaunched as part of the next sync.

I have a vested interest in being right: I've got a 2,000 credit bet riding on this, and I hate paying off a Hutt.