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Year 13 Day 327 16:36
Maybe this is a silly question, but I keep wondering about it. Can our ships be pimped? Like adding weaponry, smuggling compartments, better engines and shields, stuff like that?

Just asking since it would be awesome rp-wise with a rusty piece of metal and turn into some thing cool and fast.

Year 13 Day 327 16:53
No we cant. There are about 100 modifyed ships out there. But the feature was removed.


Year 13 Day 327 16:57
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
Hello Celeste,

There are modified ships, but they are few in number. When R/D (Research and Development) is released, then a certain amount of customization will be available.

For now, you can have the ship 'customed' (an image done by an SWC artist), but this will not impact the ships stats in any way.

For reference, here is the R/D thread:



Year 13 Day 327 17:27
Unfortunately only modded ships out there were done by Admins a long time ago, mostly during Red Scenarios or as a reward. There are very hard to obtain these days, very expensive too. Though some of the things you can probably RP in scenarios if your GM agrees to it, in case of White Scenarios. Though for stuff like smuggling departments I wouldn't think you'd need permission, you can RP the interior in any way you like.


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Year 13 Day 327 18:16
It is hoped that after the basic research feature is in, modifications to existing ships will be added, but that would likely be far in the future.


Year 13 Day 328 2:37
Ok, thanks :)

Year 13 Day 329 11:00
Gort Horth
Gort Horth
It's worth noting that there are indeed plenty of cool ways to RP all sorts of mods. My Adz has rebuilt engines that allow it to move as fast as any cap ship except the mythical CR-92R, an enhanced targeting system for the ion cannons that makes it better at disabling ships than any other ship its size, a dedicated droid bay that enables all sorts of unique droid usage and a large section of the ship dedicated to R&D. I don't need to make claims that the ship is better than the standard stats because all Adz are that fast, they're the only ships in their class with ion cannons, droids don't require bays and supposedly all ships will be able to mount R&D tables when that's enabled, so all you need to RP that is a room set aside. The Darkhorse also has docking claws salvaged from a pair of Gamma class shuttles to be used for boarding purposes, but again, these aren't necessary for docking. All ships can dock so you're free to create whatever story you like about your ship's docking abilities.

Basically, you're free to make any sort of cool claims you like but the better ones are more consistent in that they don't violate the stats the ship already has. There are no stats for hidden smuggling compartments so of course you're free to create whatever you like about that. You can even use some literary license about how much capacity your ship has, though that won't change the way it transports in game.


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