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Year 13 Day 328 20:25
I am doing some research about Shipyards, and I am wanting to see what each Station can produce and how much each generally costs around?

That includes X7 Factory Station. If anyone has a exact list please either DM it to me or post it here.

Year 13 Day 328 20:29
For shipyards, each yard type can build a ship up to the length of the yard (with the exception of S4's, which can build any ship regardless of length).

For factories and factory stations, they can create any non-medical items, droids, vehicles, and ships up to 80 meters long.

Check here for further information:

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see the cost. Cost seems to be about 2 times the Raw Material Cost as shown on the item.

I suppose you should also factor in Datacard rental costs, plus the amount of credits required to purchase the materials. However, these prices vary with the datacard you want and which materials you want to buy.

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Year 13 Day 329 1:05
Korvas Varik
Korvas Varik
Also, you can get a copy of "the production book" from Ellias Aubec. A very handy spreadsheet document that provides all the info you are asking for as well as the total RM's needed.