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Year 13 Day 348 5:10
So Mr. Hi`Kush Royan offered me the ship I gave him when I respawned. That is an asset transfer offer. Is this bannable making offers like that? Could he be attempting to get me banned OOC? I am not taking up the offer and just want to know what happens and alert the admins of this. I did not file a support ticket as I do not know what to file it under.


Year 13 Day 348 5:25
Getting assets you previously owned given to your new character can get you banned. Typically it is to prevent people giving assests to another player to hold while you recreate. If you buy said assets for normal market price, that is fine. In this case, might be best to ask the ASims as you aren't (presumably) asking for that specific entity back after you recreate.


Year 13 Day 348 12:10
Fairly certain that would be flagged whether you asked or not. Just politely refuse, or save up the credits and buy it from him.


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Year 13 Day 348 18:08

Getting an old asset/any assets for free, generally is bannable. However, if you've provided a trade for the asset, or the asset is given as payment for a service, it's not really an issue.

If I respawn and Sin gives me 500m or my old Bayonet cruiser, I'd be banned. If I respawned, and then did a bunch of jobs for Sin, and my payment was my old ship, it's less of an issue.


Year 13 Day 349 8:22
Sorry didnt know about this rule, still new. I respectfully retract my offer.

And im sorry Reepachu =[

Also if getting assets for free is bannable, then shouldn't Reepachu already be banned for sending it to me for free? Im confused.

Edited By: Hi`Kush Royan on Year 13 Day 349 8:29

Year 13 Day 349 9:40
Good grief....
Still trying to get me banned :/


Year 13 Day 349 13:09
Is this bannable making offers like that? Could he be attempting to get me banned OOC?

- Reepachu Icewalker

Im not trying to get you banned, I honestly didnt even mean to get you killed.
Much love Reepachu!

And check this thread out might make you smile:


Year 13 Day 349 13:57
Getting assets for free isn't bannable, it's getting assets your character previously owned transferred to their new character that is bannable.


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