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Archives » Owned creatures don't regenerate?
Year 13 Day 351 23:18
Iban Kaze
Iban Kaze
I decided to give my squad a "healing break" after a few close calls. Well my troops are slowly patching up every day, but I'm curious as of why my creature "Fluffy" isn't healing everyday at 17:00 like the troops and I. He has been sitting there at 947hp for a month now. Is this a glitch or do creatures not recover from wounds?

Year 13 Day 351 23:31
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
from what I hear you have to heal them with meds



"Something to fix, I guess" says Zhao. Both NPCs and creatures should regenerate daily.

Iban Kaze
Iban Kaze
Hmm.. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon then. Thanks for the clarity friends.

Dont suppose they are targettable with force abilities? Haven't been able to find one and test yet.


You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.
Year 13 Day 352 10:56
Healing abilities? Your own creatures should be targetable, just as owned NPCs are, but wild creatures being fought should not be. If you notice any discrepancy in that regard, a bug report would be helpful indeed.

Year 13 Day 353 10:04
Iban Kaze
Iban Kaze
I'd like to update fluffy has recovered 1hp. He is now at 948/1225

Year 13 Day 353 18:51
I'm not entirely certain the force code takes creatures into account as there weren't plans to make them able to be owned by players when I programmed it. So someone should probably test it and file a bug report if they're not.