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Year 7 Day 86 9:24

I still have not recieved my account activation.
Is there any way to either resend it or check its on its way pls ?

Year 7 Day 86 9:29
All accounts have to be manually approved by members of the administration. This usually takes 12-24 hours. If you haven't received an email after 24 hours, please check your spamfolders or try using the "lost password" feature on the frontpage.


Year 7 Day 91 17:44

Hi, it's been almost a week and I haven't received any mail regarding Account Activation. Nothing in the trash can... If I try my handle, it tells me wrong password! If I try retreive password, it says no such email...

I used an ISP mail (

What is wrong?

Year 7 Day 91 18:55

One more thing... After reading the rest of the forum, I found out that, if the email not found error appears, I should try to make a new character...
Except that when I try to create a new one it says that my Handle is already taken (ya, I guess by me, looool).

So, if by any chance my application was refused or rejected, then the name I chose previously should also be free...

Year 7 Day 92 0:33
If you would send an E-Mail to We can look into this issue and get thing settled for you. Sorry for the trouble.

Joe Monso
Assistant Sim Master


Year 7 Day 92 9:35

Great, thanks, I will send it right away.

Year 7 Day 92 11:30
If your still around, try and recreate the account, we haven't seen your e-mail yet sent into us.


Year 7 Day 92 14:34
I responded to email, he misspelled the email address.



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Year 7 Day 92 14:47

I should have seen that coming... I guess what happened was that I used the first and then changed it to instead of

I apologize for the mistake I made. And I am sorry for all the trouble.

Thank you guys for all the help!

Year 7 Day 93 9:09
Very welcome, glad we got that taken care of. Closing Thread