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Year 14 Day 31 4:34
My apologies if this is the wrong forum. Its a bit confusing.

A few weeks ago, I dropped my old character to create a human, not knowing that shortly after that, there would be a race swap. This seems a bit unfair to suddenly do something so major when people have recently dropped. Would it be possible to allow us who dropped recently (past few months) to ask for our stuff back for free, if the new owner is willing? Normally, this is against the rules as I understand them, but I think in this case it would be in the holiday spirit to temporarily suspend that rule.

An example, I gave my old YT-1300 to a friend before dropping. If he is ok with giving it back for free, can that be allowed? If he does not wish to do so, then he is under no obligation. Thus, I am not asking for make overs to be reverted, just for the ability to get my ship back without having to buy it back.

Heck I dont even care so much about the money I sent him, but getting the ship back would save some hassle.

Thanks for your consideration.



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Year 14 Day 31 14:23
Dropping is dropping I'm afraid.

We've not been reversing players who have dropped because they didn't read the sim news properly after we released the races. So there will be no reversals, or asking for assets back for free.