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Archives » Questions about bandit spawn.
Year 14 Day 31 11:53
Piron Sunrise
Piron Sunrise
1. Is there an upper limit of the numbers of bandits can be spawned in a terrain?
2. Will they spawn in the sensor range?
3. If I kill all the bandits in a single terrain, do I need to cross terrain to search for more bandits?


Year 14 Day 31 11:59
1. Not sure, but most i saw is 12 bandits in squad. There was from none to 4 squads of bandits/creatures, but think that it is pretty random thing.

2. No, they can be out of your sensor range.

3. Yes, bandits/creatures spawn once PC enters terrain. When all PCs leave, bandits/creatures are gone too.

Year 14 Day 31 12:02
Piron Sunrise
Piron Sunrise
About question 3, so they don't respawn if I stay in the same terrain?

Year 14 Day 31 12:04
Nope. At least they did not until now and as far as i saw.

Year 14 Day 31 16:51
They still don't, you have to switch squares to force a respawn. You can pretty much just keep traveling between two adjacent squares to hunt.

Edited By: Syn on Year 14 Day 31 16:51