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Archives » How can I take my item from another player?
I bought a crafting kit from the market and it last owner still have it on him i tried to connect him but he isn't log a long time can you pass it to me or somthing?

Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
Thats just one of the gambles of buying off of the market. Nothing can really be done about it.



1) Don't post the same question in multiple places
2) Don't repost the question looking for a different answer that is more to your liking

3) Scamming and theft are a valid part of the game. I say this because it's part of the larger point: you are never guaranteed access to any of your items - it's on you to protect them.

As Xakic said, this is one of the perils of buying from the NPC Market. Often, the items there are in locations that you cannot access and will never be able to (because they often end up on the Market via someone's death, and people just lock the items away somewhere).

To answer the question "Ho can I take my item from another player" I would graciously suggest investing in binders, or stun cuffs, Getting some Arrest and execute privileges and Kill the player once you locate him. Other than that or him magically returning, you really don't have another option.



Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
"How can I take my item from another player?"  

1) Become Force sensitive.

2) Invest enough points to have 5 in Force Pull.

3) Track down said guilty party.

4) Use Force Pull to steal any or all items away from the fiend.

5) Chuckle gleefully at having beaten the odds of around 1,000-to-1, just to get back a 100K Crafting Kit.

Oh, I almost forgot:

1b) Ply enough Corellian Ale upon the Asims to make sure that Force Pull is an enabled skill before you try for 2-5.



6) Then realise that none of the offensive force powers will work as currently listed as they stem from a years old version of the force, and so wasn't setup to work with the current combat system.


7) DM me and fly to where I am and I will give you one for nothing