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Year 14 Day 43 6:55
Thanks Coran!

Year 14 Day 43 8:20
Uh, there is a rules page that answers most of your questions, and will be updated as the rules are finalised as well.

As for number of implants, I'm not sure it has been covered, but I'd guess that you'd be able to get one of each area - forgive me if Kyle has stated that you are limited to one, I must of missed that.

As for taking up slots, no. From what I understand, it will just use hidden slots of some description.


Year 14 Day 43 9:04
Actually it says it on the Cybernetic Operations rule page at the top of the article, Ellias. ^_^.

It mentions one installed at any one time. So in order to get a different one you would have to have the first one uninstalled first. By the way, has it been discussed how cybernetics will affect force sensitives?

Year 14 Day 43 17:27

And yes, cybernetics won't affect FS at the moment.


Year 14 Day 44 7:22
... and shouldn't, .... I mean, Darth Vader people.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 14 Day 44 7:56
Because a cybernetic force user who was severely hampered in the force because of it is an argument against cybernetics affecting FS why?


Year 14 Day 44 10:19
he was hampered? I must watch those movies again.... I did't read any of the books, so ........ my knowledge is limited, I'll admit.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 14 Day 44 10:45
For the most part the strength of their powers are heavily dependant on their facets. From this point not only are all their abilities weakened they will also have the negative effects of the cybernetics. Basically, they will lose more than they gain overall unlike anyone else that has such things done.

Now this one understands that such things as artificial arms and legs would weaken force sensitivity as it did with Vader considering they are replacing body parts that hold midichlorians. Though what about the Cyborg units? From what this one can tell from the images and various other things they do not replace body parts so would not affect ones force abilities as they are attached rather than replace something.

Overall, if it did affect FS it would have to be balanced. Meaning different cybernetics would effect FS differently depending on how much is replaced. Or at least not to the great extent this one has read before when it came to cybernetics from various other threads. An example would be Vader, pre-suit, would have had facet values of 100 while suit Vader would of had 60. And that was with over half his body replaced and a lot of cybernetics as well as major damage to rest of his body.

It would be in the books Zao. That is the only place that ever outright says he became weaker. The movies implied it considering he was obsessed with gaining control of the Empire and planned to kill the Emperor before his "accident" and after it he never did so until the whole thing with Luke.

Year 14 Day 44 14:23
That actually makes sense now-thank you



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 14 Day 46 1:16
I have a question regarding cybernetics:

A) Will there be more cybernetics created, or is what there is now the only one's to be released. I.E - (To my eyes) cybernetics are also a way to enhance yourself because you cant carry everything - so being able to upgrade your vision cyberneticly (Macrobinoculars or Thermal Goggles, or even both?) is a slot saver that you could then use to equip something else...
B) If A gets accepted than an increase in the maximum cybernetics allowed, but only 1 skill enhancer
C) Its seems a bit weird for me that cybernetics reduce skills. They are an upgrade of knowledge not a complete replacement of the knowledge you gain. I understand the need for balance and so I suggest:
- Having a vulnerability to Ion damage that increases with each cybernetic, say having another HP pool that if depleted then means that the cybernetics break down and need to be repaired (by a medical faction and a technician for the technical aspects)
- A maximum of cybernetics that could be added, and irregardless of the amount only 1 skill enhancer (too much nowledge implants would overload your mind)
- FS decrease partaining to the amount of cybernetics and the placement of them.
- The cost of the surgery as well the risk factor (although you should always be able to remove cybernetics irregardless of whether they fail or not)

Other than that - well done, I cant wait for this to come out. It will really add another layer of fun and depth to this game.


...Every one's got some serious dirt in their history, ma'am . In the days of the Old Republic, we Mandalorians wiped out at least one sentient species just to prove that we could— the Cathar. Are we ashamed of that? I hope so...
Year 14 Day 46 8:22
This isn't the suggestions forum and I believe there is already a suggestion thread for cybernetics open. That said, they will not decrease FS, and they are not finalized yet--the current set of rules is a starting point, so they may yet be adjusted, rebalanced, and/or added to prior to actual implementation.



Year 14 Day 46 9:55
The thread in the suggestion forum was closed...
As to your comment - I was just asking a few questions, and since I hate it when people only complain without trying to fix things, I gave some ideas that I think would work.
In no way did I mean for it to become a suggestion, just wanted to float some ideas out there...


...Every one's got some serious dirt in their history, ma'am . In the days of the Old Republic, we Mandalorians wiped out at least one sentient species just to prove that we could— the Cathar. Are we ashamed of that? I hope so...
Year 14 Day 46 14:05
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
they will not decrease FS,  

Is that an official, final word on the matter kind of statement?

Year 14 Day 46 17:29
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
There is a Cybernetics suggestion thread, but it is closed.

I'd vote for FS to be decreased if you have cybernetics added. Vader was known to have his FS decreased because of his installed cybernetics/implants.


Year 14 Day 47 8:45
Is that an official, final word on the matter kind of statement? 

Barring any unforeseen future changes, as always. Slim chance though.



Year 14 Day 56 14:55
I noticed that the combat cybernetics has been changed.

Previously it was +3 for both Non projectile and Projectile. Now there are two combat cybernetics one called range that +2 for projectile and one called close combat that is +2 for non projectile. So the questions are:

Will R&D allow:
1. The +3 again.
2. Will there be a combat cybernetic that contains both non projectile and projectile (at +3)?

Edited By: Elif Ban on Year 14 Day 59 14:13

Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore
Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay
Year 14 Day 57 11:53
In regards to removing the implants I wouldnt see that as a great idea. Think about it semi-realistacly. Those implant are taking up space that wasnt there before. Like the implants that directly interact with the brain. If you remove that implant then you have a sizeable hole in your head ontop of some possible brain damage which could easily be made out as another skill loss but still.
In regards to implementing an Ionic style bar. That seems like a bad idea. Imagine your in a fire fight and some random blaster shot pokes out one of your eyes.


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Year 14 Day 59 23:46
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
So I was looking at the equation for the cost of cybernetics. And the only problem I had was trying to discern this part: * pow(skill, -0.04) +

So.... So what does this mean?

Year 14 Day 60 1:29
April Woods
April Woods
skill raised to the power of -0.04


Skill = 1; pow(skill, -0.04) = 1
Skill = 2; pow(skill, -0.04) = 0,9726549474
Skill = 3; pow(skill, -0.04) = 0,957007078
Skill = 4; pow(skill, -0.04) = 0,9460576467
Skill = 5; pow(skill, -0.04) = 0,937650954
Skill = 6; pow(skill, -0.04) = 0,9308376691

if I'm not wrong

Edited By: April Woods on Year 14 Day 60 1:46
Year 14 Day 60 3:59
Wow, what was wrong with using (skill^-0.04) I wonder.


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