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Year 14 Day 36 5:26
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
I read the post on Cybernetics it sounds great. Looking at the rules page for each of the units it appears you can have 4 in some skills and a 0 in others. My questions are:

1. What if you all ready have skill points in those areas. Will those skill points be refunded?
2. Will you be able at some point to have your NPCs equipped with cybernetics?
3. Why cant the medical faction determine the price for the implant?
4. Will these implants be on the medical R&D tree?

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Year 14 Day 36 6:24
the rules for cybernetics are not yet set. (and right now they totally differ from Main server to Dev server.)

1. your skills can not get higher then 5. So in case you get a cybernetic boost, it is capped at lvl 5 anyway.
2. last statement by Kyle: not planned yet.
3. good question.
4. I would guess so. And I hope the RnD-tree is accessible by medical factions only.


Year 14 Day 36 8:03
THe price of the actual surgery is determined mainly by the RM components of the implant, as implants are instanced. So you nor the med faction actually have to buy the implants, they are just a free service provided there. The other costs are based on the skill of those involved, consider it to be like malpractice insurance. Nobody said the Med faction could not charge you an additional fee for the procedure, this is merely the credit sink portion to buy the implant and the base service of the installation.

Year 14 Day 36 10:39
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
Thanks guys

Year 14 Day 38 15:25
So, PCs only, or can NPCs get them too?



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Year 14 Day 38 17:13
A few questions, do cybernetics increase your current skill level? Such as if you have a skill of 3 in strength and you have an Artificial Arm installed would your skill in strength rise to 5?

Or is it more of a static bonus that replaces your skill level which can be raised to 5 using skill points? Just wish to make certain considering that the Cyborg Level 3 bonuses would give a total of 14 skill points if the first is true though 8 or less if the second is true.

Finally, are the more complicated Cybernetics, such as the Level 3 Cyborg ones, more difficult to have installed or cost significantly more?

Year 14 Day 38 18:20
Cybernetics will increase your skill, not replace.


Year 14 Day 38 19:30
Thank you for the quick reply. Was wanting to make sure so this one could plan out initial skill point distribution at optimal levels assuming this one decides to have any cybernetics installed from an in character perspective.

Year 14 Day 40 20:58
Ragnos Deott
Ragnos Deott
I have another question in relation to Cybernetics

If I were to successfully install a cybernetic arm, a +2 to strength, would I see the associated boost to HP as well?


Year 14 Day 41 0:16
I can positively attest (for Dev Server) that max. HP is recalculated and increases in such a case, Ragnos.


Year 14 Day 41 17:49
If I have a projectile weapon skill of 2 ( 2 skill points) then add a cyborg combat implant 3 to raise it to level 3 ( 4 skill points) what happen to the first 2 skill points? Do you get them refunded or will the cost to level to 4 (7 skill points) only cost 1 skill points instead of 3 skill points ?

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Year 14 Day 42 0:07
The cybernetics only add a *bonus* and *malus* to the respective skills. They don't change the skills.
Thus Leveling costs are not affected.

To be more visual about what I am talking have a look at the "distribute skill points" page.

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Year 14 Day 42 1:13
So, as mentioned the cybernetics bonuses will be added and subtracted directly from the base skill level with the final result being the total level which will represent your ability with the skill in question of which it cannot exceed 5 and not become lower than 0.

Assuming you have a skill of 2 and you install a Combat Cyborg implant which gives a bonus level of 3 which will end up being a total level of 5. The total level will be the one that will be used in the combat equations. So, the total level of 5 would be considered equal to someone who spent skill points to achieve a level 5 skill, correct?

Year 14 Day 42 2:20


Year 14 Day 42 14:43
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
If I installed artificial legs and gained the speed bonus and lost stealth skill (-2) could I still pump free SPs into stealth and bring that to a 5. Would I have to spend SPs to get to a 7 to have a net stealth of 5, or am I capped at stealth 3?

Also, if my stealth was 0 when I had implant, and the stealth skill is 'capped' at 0, does that mean I don't suffer any loss?


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Year 14 Day 42 14:59
No "base skill" over 5.
No "calculated skill" over 5.

I hope that answers your questions.


Year 14 Day 42 15:32
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
So my stealth would be capped at 3 and I cannot improve on that even if I had my 'base' skill of 5 in stealth because 'base' is capped at 5.

But if my 'base' stealth was 0, and I was suffering the -2 loss in stealth, my stealth would still be 0 and I wouldn't really feel the impact of the -2 stealth? I.e., I wouldn't suffer that downside of the the implant?

So looks to me as if cybernetics give extra SPs, rather than redistribute those we already have?


There is no god but Ara... All will walk his path...
The Faithful of Ara <--- (Warning: music link)
Year 14 Day 42 16:40
First question, correct. No skill can go above 5, and cybernetics do not change that value.

Second question ,also correct. No skill can ever go lower than 0, regardless of negative modifiers.

So in the end yes, you will technically gain SPs at the cost of other SPs.

Year 14 Day 43 6:03
Okay. This has me excited. So I do have a few questions:

1. Who will be able to perform the surgeries?
2. How many impants can you get? Is there a limit?
3. Does it effect what you can equip? (ie if you get a head implant can you still wear a helmet)
4. How will the success % of the surgery be calculated?
5. What happens if the surgery fails?

Dru Snotz

Edit: I noticed that each can be tied to a slot Primary or secondary ...... Does that answer question 2?

Edited By: Dru Snotz on Year 14 Day 43 6:30
Year 14 Day 43 6:47
1. Medical factions only
2. You can only get 1.
3. Do not know or has not been covered.
4. Most likely still being worked on or implemented so will be subject to change.
5. If failure occurs it fails and it will have to be tried again. However, if failure occurs there is a small chance it will be a critical failure and therefore a faulty cybernetic is installed. Meaning you will get negative skill levels with no benefits. They cannot be removed at the moment either from what has been mentioned.

Link for more details:

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