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Year 14 Day 40 1:37
Joe Catharian
Joe Catharian
Is there a way to reset your skills?


Year 14 Day 40 1:51
Generally No there is not.

But currently you're able to change race if you change race you get to reset all your skills, also recently the skill system was overhauled and everyone got a one off skill reset.

Year 14 Day 40 1:53
You could drop your character and recreate a new one in 3 weeks time. But other than the 1 off scenarios above that we have had in the last few months, there is no way to change your skills.


Year 14 Day 40 3:09
Dragomir Kies
Dragomir Kies
New Pcs between levels 1-3 do get free skill reset after submitting support ticket. Its a service which was accepted some months ago, and many of my newbs benefitted from it. So if youre level 1-3 you can reset your skills, otherwise race change. No other options

Year 14 Day 42 7:42
David Valois
David Valois
I just visited #swc-help, and ETJ said that he doesnt think such a service exists...


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Year 14 Day 42 8:29
I submitted a support ticket two days ago and did not get a response. Evidently this service no longer exists.


Year 14 Day 44 3:51
Dragomir Kies
Dragomir Kies
Lol, ask Gav, and make sure you are entitled to it ie; level 1-3