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Year 14 Day 46 17:37
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
Im a bit confused with weapon ranges

eg A295

It has a Max range=8
a Min range=5
I can understand all shots are a miss over 8, but Ive been told under the min range it is also automatic miss?
5 grid squares is a long way

I see min and max range is the optimum range accuracy to get best Damage and hits. Any lower is still able to hav a hit but min damage.

Year 14 Day 46 19:29
Nope, automatic miss if below minimum range. Sniper Rifles would after all be quite ineffective point blank.


Year 14 Day 46 20:22
I've always thought you should simply have damage and to-hit % penalties above/below the optimum ranges, but apparently we've decided not to go that way.

Year 14 Day 46 22:46

The initial tests doing that, from what I was told, didn't work out well at all. This was my initial thought/hope as well.


Year 14 Day 46 22:55
Brand Malden
Brand Malden
Don't be silly, everyone knows that a nighstinger will misfire if you put it up to someone's chest and pull the trigger :p


Year 14 Day 46 23:08
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
all I can see it will encourage squads to be moved all the time to maintain ranges for the lower range on long range weapons will not cater for enemy advancing on your position, even though you have a stronger position. so swapping weapons is what devs decided for the blind spot? So in tests does this make the weapon too powerful when troops try to get in range with there weapons or is this a ploy to extend combat even more till melee combat is sorted?