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Year 14 Day 57 9:32
Svent Sarroy
Svent Sarroy
Is there a sheet with the number of members in every faction? I always have wondered how out of 3000 players 1000 of them are in the Empire, 1000 of them are in the Trade Federation and there are still over 50 other factions to split up the remaining members with a few freelancers too!

Year 14 Day 57 9:37
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
well it is not hard really... not all of them in the empire or the federation are active. And then you have to think that a faction only needs 5 members. So the numbers do add up correctly. But a place where you can see exact numbers do not exist I think. And it shouldnt really. Some factions like there privacy.



Year 14 Day 57 9:55
Svent Sarroy
Svent Sarroy
The Empire has more than 1000 members and the TF has more than 1000 members. I knew that many weren't active so I said they had 1000. Also, even though the combine has 3593 "active" members, I think that only about 3000 are really active. I know that some of the really popular factions have over 100 members so that only leaves a few hundred members for the rest of the factions.

BTW: Thanks for the quick response

Edit: Sorry if I let out any classified information but I wasn't being specific

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Year 14 Day 57 10:47
There is not. For strategic reasons factions do not want to divulge this information. The GE has thousands of members but obviously not all of them are active. I imagine similar is true for the NR.

Year 14 Day 57 17:42
I'd suspect that the GE/NR have only a couple of hundred active members, leaving plenty for other factions and those that go freelance.


Year 14 Day 58 18:30
Also, even though the combine has 3593 "active" members, I think that only about 3000 are really active. 

What do you mean by this? The active member count refers to the total number of players who have logged in during the past week only.

This means that count is constantly changing -- one player may not log in for a week, and another will begin to log back in, for example. The net count changes very little, in such a situation, but technically there are twice as many people logging in over a period of two weeks (again, just an example; for sure it is not quite that high).