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Archives » Messages and some rules issues
I have three unrelated questions which I put under one topic to save space on the forum.

1.) I noticed a few times in the last three months that Darkness messages in my "Inbox" have been deleted, but not by me.

Is there some automatic thingy that deletes old messages?
If so, how old do they have to be to get deleted?

2.) Is it OK by the rules for me to give CP's to another player (who is my RL friend) who is on the surface of a planet (and I'm not), and when he spawns a CP vehicle we sell it and split the money?

I couldn't find anything in the rules about this kind of a situation.

3.) How do you get Builder NPC's?
Can you just buy-spawn them like conversationals?


Faldang Lukas
To answer some of your questions (I have no idea about #1):

2. No, you can't give CPs to anyone else, they are strictly tied to your account. However, you yourself can land on a planet, buy the ship/vehicle and split the money you get from selling it with your friend.

3. Yes, Builder NPCs are currently spawned just like any other NPC type, you can find them under "Conversational".


Year 7 Day 92 13:12
Jim Nilo
Jim Nilo
I believe that DM messages get deleted because there is a maximum number of messages allowed in a players DM inbox, logically keeping it from getting to full. I am not 100% sure on this but am 95%.

Year 7 Day 92 13:47
It's based on time. They get archived into the database, but disappear from your in/outboxes


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 92 16:20
About the messages, I figured it was something like that, but what confused me was that messages from a week or two ago from my Inbox were deleted, but I still have older messages in my Outbox.

About the CPs, I don't know where I got the idea that I can transfer CPs, but then again, I haven't been getting much sleep lately :) (not because of SWC though).


Faldang Lukas