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Archives » Robes showing "no image"? (This can be closed - thanks!)
I searched the forums to see if there already was a thread on this but I found nothing, so i'm sorry if this is the wrong place/a restricted topic.

I was just wondering why the robe doesn't have an image associated with it? (At first I thought it was just an error, but seeing the rules page confirmed that there's not one.)


The robe would be one of the first items that players see when starting out, so I just wondered if there was a reason why there's not a stock image for them?

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Year 14 Day 61 17:07
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
I am taking a guess here but seeing as it is one of those "Combine no Image" images, I would say prob because no one made an image for it yet.


Year 14 Day 61 17:37
I believe you just need to go to 'exchange cp's', select a public image and enter the robe ID# and you get it for free iirc. As to why it doesn't have a starting default image, I have no idea, maybe so people will use the various public images available instead of submitting customs?

Year 14 Day 61 18:26
Thanks for the quick reply!

That's useful to know Allaina, i'll be sure to see which ones are available.

If one was to attempt to create a default image, what would be the correct procedure for submitting it?

Year 14 Day 61 18:39
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would have to be a made from scratch 3D model. You can open a thread in the public art forum with your draft, and get tips and critiques from the community.


Year 14 Day 61 19:06
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Doesnt have to be a 3d model you can do it in 2d if you are good enough but yeah they wont accept it if it is not original


Year 14 Day 61 19:38
Thanks for the answer again. Unfortunately I don't have the skills necessary to create an image from scratch but it's useful to know the process needed to submit an image.

For now, i'll stick with customising robes but I hope that someone talented enough soon tackles the robe :)

This can be closed now as I got all the relevant information I needed and i'm very grateful to all the respondents.

Ill have to see if Onasha did something for them and it merely got lost in our private forum, it happens occasionally. Whenever "No Image" image shows on the rules, it just means we have not created an image for the base rules page yet.