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Archives » Side effects when failing to upgrade/downgrade a lock
Piron Sunrise
Piron Sunrise
I failed to upgrade a lock on my ship, and the door fell on me and I lost 2 hp. I checked the rules page but it didn't mention I could lose hp on failure. So I want to ask if there are any others side effects when I fail to install a lock? Like will I break my toolkit... etc?

BTW even after I locked the door, I could still pass through the door without entering password. Is that because I am the owner of the ship?

Also, will toolkit and crafting kit worn-out if I use them frequently?

Upon failure to successfully install, or break, a lock on a door, there is a 50% chance of receiving at 2-10 HP loss. This will be due to carelessness, ineptitude or random mistakes that occur to everyone at some stage.

- Rules Page

after locking the door, owners and people with keycards that have the passwords can pass through without pause.

No, your toolkit cannot currently be worn down or break.

Piron Sunrise
Piron Sunrise
Ah, missed that sentence from the rules page. Thank you for answering.