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Archives » Mark II and Portable Fusion Generator operational?
I got a Merr-Sonn Mark II from a bandit drop yesterday. On the personal weapons rules page there is a yellow triangle on it indicating it is not fully implemented. There is also mention of needing a portable fusion generator to operate it. The rules page for the generator has a red X for not yet operational. Does anyone know if I can use this weapon yet and how to equip it? Thanks.

Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
you should just equip and hit deploy :D

Not all our entities are kept up with the implemented icons. The portable power plants have a few uses now.


It is embarrassing to say but I am too weak to carry the damn thing so I cannot equip it. I have several Heavy Weapons Specialist NPC's that can carry it but I cannot figure out how to deploy it with them. Any ideas?

Tabty Haasza
Tabty Haasza
As far as I know, NPCs are still unable to use heavy weapons due to the deploy feature.

It's coming (soon).


Tabty Haasza || CEO / Owner || Akheton Corporation

Last time I went hunting I was both firing a Merr-Sonn MK II and having an NPC use it. The reason you can't figure out how to have the NPC deploy it, is because that weapon currently doesn't need to be deployed to be fired, or at least didn't when I was firing it. If you just equip it to the NPC they should shoot it fine.

Keith, that sounds like a bug - NPCs should not be able to use deployable weapons since they cannot deploy it themselves, and it needs to be deployed to be used.