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Year 14 Day 69 3:09
Just trying to fix up my spreadsheet, and noticed something wierd with the population equation:

BP = (Ln (Flats) x (Flats)^2) + (Flats)

Now, to me this means this order of operations:

then, multiple that answer by flats (in effect flats ^3)
then, do the natural logarithm on that number
then, add flats.

If we use the ~1400 flats for my planet this gives:

1,400^2 = 1,960,000
1,960,000 X 1,400 = 2,744,000,000
ln (2,744,000,000) = 21.7
21.7+1,400 = 1421.7

Now this is a ridiculous number - the population should be around 19mil. Now am I misunderstanding something there (I think not), or has it been incorrectly put into the rules page? From fiddling around it seems that this fits the numbers better:

BP = (Ln (Flats)) x (Flats)^2 + (Flats)

this gives 14.2mil, much closer. Answers please.


Year 14 Day 69 3:45
Ben Camden
Ben Camden
Wrong order of operations....
1. (flats^2)
2. then, do the natural logarithm on the number of flats
3. then, multiple answer 1 and 2
4. then, add flats.

Ln(Flats) is a single operator.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
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Year 14 Day 69 13:26
Bens right.

Flats: 100



THe second one, what you described Ellias, is far too low of a number.


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