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Year 14 Day 72 6:37
Ryo Zreik
Ryo Zreik
My fire delay always repeat at 1 min or 59 secs, after delay over and i click ground travel or scanner, it want back to 59 secs. It is a bug or someone broke combine again?


Year 14 Day 72 7:10
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
I think everybody's experiencing the same problem atm, not the first time it happened.

Admins will sort it out shortly, as always.

Year 14 Day 72 7:13
Ryo Zreik
Ryo Zreik
thank you


Year 14 Day 72 7:16
Yeah, I'm currently in a cycle of undeploying a weapon, but it happens.

Year 14 Day 72 11:50
Usually the best way to free yourself from the loops is to close your browser and then come back in about 3 minutes. It allows the combine to catch up with all the actions that are finishing.


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Year 14 Day 72 12:04
Gav broke it and Kyle fixed it about an hour later. >.>

Year 14 Day 73 1:50
Darn Pony Stark needed help from a vicious maneating....bunny, where did I put my holy hand grenade.


(Ordo looks around the galaxy)
"This is not where I put my Hydrospanner."