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Year 14 Day 73 7:00
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
While being on Derra and having 1000 guns aimed at me, started to get the feeling that something is horribly wrong.

Are sensors working differently on Derra or is this a bug that shows here more clearly than elsewhere, because so many people are grouped together ?

Problem is that I am seeing too much on my scanner, sometimes it seems that I'm sharing sensors with everybody in the city, other times - maybe one third of the city.

Even tried clearing my IFF list, and also adding my own faction as enemy (because apparently it defaults to friendly).

Wondering if this is the same for others, maybe everybody is able to see everybody.

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Year 14 Day 73 10:40
Maybe its an issue with multi sensor packas not following iff when equipped to npcs?

I admit I expect high visiblity, but thats because I'm with a lot of people :D


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
Aliit Ar'Klim
Year 14 Day 73 22:15
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Well, I'm alone.

I get lot of visibility both by myself and when I'm inside a vehicle - using vehicle scanners.

If anybody else cares to test this issue, feel free to.

Year 14 Day 74 8:04
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
I think they share scanner with you if they have you on IFF so that may be why clearing yours made no difference.