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Year 14 Day 92 22:30
That's basically it. How does it work? I see white senerios, which has a link that leads to another board. Then there's IRC-IC. What about the main site? I haven't spawned yet, so I'm not familiar with what it looks like once I get in game. Is the game just for XP and stats and the chat/forums for RP?

I'm so confused? Can anyone set me straight?



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Year 14 Day 92 23:19
Well, technically, RP is everywhere. While flying a fighter for your government, you are RPing as the fighter pilot etc. If you mean written stories etc, the Meeting Hall and the White Scenarios are the places to be.

Generally things happen organically. So rather than the two protagonists saying they will attack and this will happen, one does something in game, and the other then responds. At the end, a story has occured, although it came about organically rather than through people specifically stating that X happens.


Year 14 Day 94 23:09
The game itself its yourself playing a role in this galaxy. Though it's up to you to decide how you interact with others.

Oncemore, The forum is separated IC and OOT'cly. Playing the role of your character should always be inside RPG and White scenario centres. Others centres are usually out of character relatives talks.