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Archives » Clarification of Trader's lounge rule
I was inquiring about clarification of the Trader's lounge rule.

I have been told in the Trader's lounge to move my post to the commerce thread as it should belong there. However the list I put was: Trading 1 tavern in one location, for another tavern in another location. A one for one trade.

Rule 3 states:

3) No selling or auctioning of products or services allowed on this forum. You're looking for the Commerce and Auction House forums.

and Rule 8 states:

8) This forum is for trading-related content only. If you're posting notice of your death, ask yourself if it matters to the trading community. Odds are unless you're a known scammer, a known middleman, or have a weirdly large amount of pending trades, no one cares. If you claim to have open trades, you might want to mention the parties so the friendly moderators know you aren't just attention whoring and respond with a ban, because odds are it will apply to your next character as well.

I have included a copy of the thread as I have already moved the post to the commerce section which I have included a link to it as well.

Trader's Lounge link:


Commerce Thread link:


Thanks for you time and guidance in this matter.

Edited By: Syn on Year 14 Day 93 11:57

It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
Commerce is where you sell/buy/trade

"Trading-related content" refers to content related to trading but not itself consisting of trading.

So I should go to suggestions and put in a post suggesting they change rule 3 to say no selling, no auctioning or no trading. And then rule 8 revision should read, This forum is for trading-related content that pertains to trading community and not personal trades.

"Trading-related content" refers to content related to trading but not itself consisting of trading.

- Mikel von Bianchi

Sounds like a political answer. How is a trade itself not trading related content. It's a trade is it not?

Maybe to not cause confusion of the rules they should put something in there that says NO TRADES, this is the trader's lounge but you can't trade, only discuss trading related matters that don't actually involve trading. Kinda like Mr. Bianchi said only in new guy terms.

Thanks for the clarifications though. Doesn't make sense to put rules up if they are not clear as to what you can and cannot post unless you have been in Combine long enough to go with the flow.

Guess being in the military, I am use to rules giving you specific do's and don'ts. Not, grey areas where you have to go with the flow or you look like the lone sheep amongst the wolves.

A rule that says no selling and no auctioning in a trading forum to me says you can trade but if you want to sell goods/services or auction anything then go elsewhere.

Then trader's lounge means just that. A place where people can come and talk trade. Whether refers to other traders or actual trades themselves.

Edited By: Bassius Kane on Year 14 Day 93 10:43

It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.
Or you could stop being so pedantic and realize that a "lounge" is not typically a place of business, and that restrictions on "selling" and "auctions" also encompass "trades", since a trade is merely a sale in which both sides use items rather than currency as consideration.

The rule is obviously intended to forbid any topics concerning the bargaining of items for money or other items, and that seems to be clear to the wide majority of members of the Combine regardless of their join date.

I cede to the wisdom before me.

I was just asking for clarification. Since being "pedantic" is obviously what I was trying to do here, then why is there nothing in rule 3 about trades being also considered commerce. They took the time to put no selling or auctions? Why not clarify trades should also be in Commerce thread?

It's a question, not an attack. I didn't know if you posted a question it would irritate people to the point they attack you, as I am just trying to understand.

p.s. I meant new guy terms because someone who hasn't been in the galaxy before and doesn't have anyone to guide them could read that and perceive it the way I have. Wasn't insinuating anything about Combine join date.

Edited By: Bassius Kane on Year 14 Day 93 11:41

It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.
Year 14 Day 93 11:57
Because we used to have a separate auction forum. Because trading one asset for another is far less common than a straight-up sale or trade. This is literally the first time someone has expressed misunderstanding of the rules (rather than just not reading them altogether, which is the usual cause of confusion), so I don't think it really necessitates any changes.



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Thank you Syn. I appreciate the explanation and your time.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.