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So I really don't think that this is the correct area to be posting/asking this but i guess I will go ahead anyways. My sibling recently registered an account and when she registered, she registered as a multi-account, providing my handle in her registration. Just to make sure, i also sent in two tickets to support to register our accounts as multi-accounts but i have not received any word back and we still havent been registered as multi's. In the tickets I provided both our handles and emails. I just really want to get this cleared up because i don't want to be even remotely suspected of cheating.

Also, are there any specific rules that go along with being registered as a multi-account such as things that I flat-out will not be able to do because of being registered as a multi-account.

Thank you so much for your time :)



As long as the support ticket is there, you're fine.

No other rules, just the usual (you can't log into each other's accounts or break any other standard rules).



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