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Year 14 Day 101 20:41
- Year 14 Day 100:: Gadzooks! Scouts have discovered the system X-110 at location (307, 365).

I was under the impression that hiddens were only going to be in unoccupied named sectors. The event above was found in an already populated sector controlled by the Empire. Are there hiddens in populated sectors now or can we get an update/clarification as to the rules of hidden system hunting?


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Year 14 Day 101 20:48
Pinto Grande
Pinto Grande
The no hidden systems in a controlled sector only counts for sectors that were populated just after Galaxy 2.0. Any other sector that at that time was empty could have systems added, including more than one. Whether those systems were added together, or added later, is only up to Jesfa to know.

- Ellias Aubec on Year 14 Day 95 17:57

They are added to sectors that were empty just after the Galaxy 2.0 change and therefore sectors that have since had systems added/found could have others still present or added later. Otherwise we'd just have sectors with only 1 system, even if canonly there were 5, 10, 40 systems in it. Which is stupid.

- Ellias Aubec on Year 14 Day 95 23:45

Come on now

Not to mention I Clearly remember that admins said in the Asim post about hidden systems they would notify if/when they would start adding systems to already-populated sectors.

edit: just to be clear, I'm not saying Ellias said that purposefully to harm us. He seemed as uninformed as the rest of us. But still, seriously? If even admins/staff isnt aware of the "rules" its time you get communications straight.

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Year 14 Day 101 20:54
Jace Kavdar
Jace Kavdar
Day 95 means that the Galactic Empire discovered that system 2 days before Ellias even made those remarks. I lol'd.


Year 14 Day 101 21:03
The planet has existed for years, and was in another system. It should have been moved during the galaxy change and wasn't, therefore we asked that it be moved now, and the galaxy team obliged.

Or we're cheating because we're the Empire and the administration loves us. Whatever you want to believe.

Year 14 Day 101 21:14
Jace Kavdar
Jace Kavdar
To my knowledge, the Administration moving a system does not typically produce a gns flash news. I don't think you're cheating, I just think you're a moron for mocking people because they don't know things they never possibly could.

Thanks for the response though. Your work and dedication to the Star Wars combine development team is truly and fully appreciated.


Year 14 Day 101 21:19
Pinto Grande
Pinto Grande
Alright explained.

The least whoever moved it should have done, however, was an Asim post beforehand.

+ what jace said.

Year 14 Day 101 21:32
You can think I'm a moron for whatever reason you want, Jace, but I'd argue there is pretty objective evidence to the contrary.

It's the "Death Star Moon", anyone who's been around for any amount of time knows what it is. Though, I wasn't mocking anyone for not knowing that; at the worst I was "mocking" people for immediately screaming admin bias whenever anything has to do with the Empire, but we know that's something you enjoy doing anyway so I don't expect to have any sort of meaningful dialogue on the issue.

Year 14 Day 101 21:44
Jace Kavdar
Jace Kavdar
I've never heard of the "Death Star Moon" and I've been playing for over six years, but maybe I'm just an exception to the rule.

Having a meaningful discussion about screaming admin bias whenever anything happens in relation to the Empire couldn't happen here as that was never part of the topic. Not one person claimed there was any such bias. I could quote every post in the thread, or you could instead bothering reading them fully. Quotes available upon request for those unable to fetch them themselves.

Also, I imagine that part of a meaningful conversation about such would involve cited instances of me claiming actions taken by the admins were biased towards the Empire, but you didn't do that either because no such instances exist, at least to my knowledge.

Then again you're the master of all knowledge hidden and otherwise, so you just might have something to say about that.


Year 14 Day 101 21:49
Not one person claimed there was any such bias. 

In the GNS thread, which is the reason I found this topic:
And then people wonder why those Admin-Bias topics arise.
Apparently GE knows some rules that the rest of the galaxy doesn't beforehand.

- Pinto Grande

But you say that's not part of this topic, which is fine by me.

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Year 14 Day 102 3:14

1. Yes it was an old planet.
2. It was moved.
3. It was one of the very few exceptions I've made regarding galaxy shifts, since it's a unique one with some incredibly long-winded ties to combine roots.
4. I'm sure the complainers would much rather the death star be made, and all that.
5. If this is seriously something we're complaining about, I suppose I can be thankful that the game is so awesome now that we're going to complain about the most trivial of things.
6. All planets were not in fact canonized, since many players were unwilling to have 1 planet systems where information was limited, and in several cases it was impossible to make things 100%. I'm incredibly pleased with what was accomplished, and really don't have any issue with a moon being out o place. [See point 5]

- Jesfa's Post in Sim News Thread


Year 14 Day 102 7:36
Jace, you're being far more confrontational in this thread than Mikel was at any point. When I saw the flash news I was wondering why a system that's been around for ages (and played a role in From The Ashes even, iirc) would suddenly be re-discovered, but the explanation makes sense. The death star moon image has indeed been around for over a decade.

And closing, since this has been nicely resolved now.