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Year 14 Day 103 2:26
I joined a faction not naming names, I didn't agree with there ways so I left them now I have been informed that they are after me and going to kill me. I don't think it's right I wasn't a patch yet so I didn't betray they the actual reason I left is because I wouldn't do 20push ups in irc now I'm stuck on there planet and can't get off I just want to play the game. Please help


Really just because I can
Year 14 Day 103 3:39
Based upon your DM logs, without going into specifics:

1. This game has incredibly ridiculously high learning curve. It is not in fact for everyone, which isn't an insult, but just the way the game was designed.

2. Depending on how you leave things with your previous faction, many do indeed become disgruntled at bad break-ups. I'd like to think they'd leave a new player alone, but you could always inform other groups of your plight and attempt to get a ride or to inform them of a group that's killing newer players.

3. This is a PG-13 game. After seeing the DM you'd sent out, I have little doubt why your previous faction would want to kill you. I understand being angry or upset, but please refrain from the heavy-handed insults.

4. Many players don't like their first factions. Some don't like their first dozen. If you stick with combine, you'll eventually find where you belong, even if it takes a few characters. Nothing about this game is fast. If patience is any sort of an issue, I'd highly suggest you practice, or find a new game, Combine's delayed-real time is most assuredly not for the faint of heart.

Good luck.


Year 14 Day 103 6:38
Indeed, this game is not for everyone, seeing the logs Jesfa i'm sure yourself and others would agree that calling someone a "Fenian" is a religious insult, also insulting my nationality, claiming I was and I quote "Rejected by the IRA". I do not respond to idiots and thats why your current character will have a short lifespan. Good Day.


Year 14 Day 103 10:26
Usually I wouldn't agree with killing new players for leaving their first faction, however if he is throwing religious insults around he probably has it coming. Although to be fair the term Fenian has been a title of honor for a good deal of time and using it as an insult is kinda stupid.

Also, why not spawn a CP ship? Is there no Starports or Landing Pads on the planet?


Year 14 Day 103 10:31
Ximaro Jix
Ximaro Jix
I can't believe you're angry over 20, I always say 60 or 100 and make people start over routinely in the middle. You got away easy.

I didn't agree with there ways so I left them now I have been informed that they are after me and going to kill me. -Bic Bennet  

First off few agree with our ways and its structured to be that way. We're not singling you out as we're always unpleasant to everyone, especially prospects or potentials such as we always have been and will continue to do so because it comes with the " Swoop Gang" culture. I personally said to you in very beginning that you don't just walk in and all is gravy and you're accepted.We have have an extensive and rigorous initiation phase which is 99% unpleasant except for holidays. Its a rough road, to which you consented to and several of us explained to you. We understand though you're new and being new you're not always sure what you've agreed to. Most of us made similar mistakes before we found or made home. However like anyone else we do have some expectation of some kind of decency and separation, and I'm not really sure where hammering Snowy for his ethnicity and or religion ooc comes in .If it were him being Kiffar well who could blame you there, they are Kiffar after all. It is important to remember though Bic it is just a game. We just embrace an unpleasant ic lifestyle that borders around almost a primitive probationary period.

Every action creates and equal and opposite reaction .It's basic , so basic you can't really expect any kind of cheerful or pleasant response Bic when raging about like you were to anyone. I personally don't think killing you rectifies the situation appropriately however I can't really say in all honesty that's ill warranted.

As Jesfa explains their is a home for you somewhere if you're patient it may take awhile to find it.

I would Rather Be Killing Rebels and Stealing Planets

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Year 14 Day 103 10:40
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
Also Bic, with the attitude you showed with in the group and total lack of respect towards those trying to help you, you will have a hard time fitting in with any group with in the galaxy. I have seen, as have many others, people be hunted for way less then what you did. Furthermore, crying to the asims about an IC issue when you are bringing in OOC insults is not very bright at all. I suggest the next faction you join that you take the time to not only listen to, but also learn from those who have been around for a while.



Year 14 Day 103 10:53
Crying to the ASims? Unless something else has been going on outside of this thread, the post itself seems perfectly reasonable, polite, and inquisitive. He didn't even mention the faction by name. I realize that's apparently not true of private communications, but there's nothing wrong with the post in this forum here, in any case.

Just find a new faction that you like better and that suits you better. Problem solved. There are hundreds of 'em to choose from, and you'll find that plenty of them have a more welcoming and reasonable member base. DSH are basically the obnoxious teenagers of SWC, which I guess is intentional.



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Year 14 Day 103 11:12
He won't have the chance to join a new faction, next character maybe. I'll shuffle back over to the Teenager Attitude Readjustment program.


Year 14 Day 104 12:32
So you are going to kill a newb Snowy?
After reading Bric his post and after i spoke to him on irc. I don't see why the Hellions are coming in here and start bashing him on the forum. Kill this guy and what Ximaro told me once is a load of crap.
Bric is new and the Hellions is a extreem faction when it comes to gameplay.
So its normal that some overreact and say words they later regret once they understand how things work in this game and with certain factions.
He wanted to join Byblos, unfortunate he is limited when it comes to computers and couldn't load and register on our forum.
But then someone showed me this thread and after reading i can make a exception for Bric, however i suggest he joins a NFG or a faction where you don't need a forum to work or communicate.
But if Bric does want to come back, he is always welcome in BDY. He will work directley for me, and i hope the Hellions will respect that.

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Year 14 Day 104 15:45
I would have thought you would have been mourning your recently departed brother instead of sticking your oar in when you have zero facts. I'm not going to post the DM's I got from this guy because they are frankly, too foul mouthed to be posted on this forum anywhere. The decision has been made.
By the way Mr. Deryke, I'm snowy to my friends only.


Year 14 Day 104 15:46
Standard procedure in Hellions, if you cannot survive the stages of being in training, your more than likely to be terminated which is stated in the recruitment process of every individual to the terms of their possible termination due to knowledge and evidence against the Dark Star Hellions. ( this includes original members who go awol )

Therefore, it was agreed to by Bic Bennett, when he was introduced into the Hellions Recruitment room, that should he violate any terms within which was explained to him in full, that he would become and enemy of the Dark Star Hellions upon immediate notification. Bic Bennett was also notified that should he become a threat to the Hellions brother/sisterhood then he would be terminated as soon as possible.

We do not trade POW or traitors. Death is the only option for those who are unfortunate to fall into that category.


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Year 14 Day 104 15:52
Deleted Post
Nexus Luvisi
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Year 14 Day 104 16:15
So yeah.

This has been answered.

Go find someone else to troll.